Role Playing Rules: Making a Character

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Role Playing Rules: Making a Character

Post by Astaron on Sun Jun 04, 2017 4:25 pm

The Process of making a character is a rather simple endeavor. When making a character there are three important factors to take into account. Character History, Personality, and motivation. These three categories will build upon the other and strengthen the character as a whole.

The character's backstory is the first pillar. It allows you to formulate the character's view of the world. What he or she has endured or done will provide insights of the character's mindset and paradigm that shapes its perceptions.

Personality is arguably the easiest yet at the same time most crucial part of the character. Personality will shape your characters interactions with other characters. Personality will also shape the characters motivations.

Motivation drives your character to be a hero or a villain. Through the creation of a character's personality, this will shape the character's motivations. A kind man who is a pacifist isn't going to devote his life to spreading suffering and bloodshed. A character's personality is shaped by their surroundings, their motivations are shaped by the person they have become. Their motivations will be shaped by their experiences and personality, Ask yourself what are your character's goals. What drives him and her? And why would they seek a certain path other may ignore.


Currently, gamepedia* is the best resource I have seen for making a character. They have some of the most in-depth articles on the classes and have ample amount of lore about WoW to get you ready.

Character Sheet





Physical Description:

Personality Description:




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